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Emergency room: check

The day after surgery my mom and I spend 6 hours in the ER because I was afraid I had an infection. It was a very painful day of IVs, CT scans, diagnostic tests, more blood work (naturally) and another … Continue reading

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How Endo Uses Food to Ruin Everything in Life

Dr. Mangal had explained that the 2 main factors in controlling endo post-op are diet and birth control. Diet, because endo and your bowel are closely linked, and birth control to control the hormones that spike during menses. Since mine … Continue reading

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An Adventure in Galicia (1)

It’s actually quite cool how this trip happened. Let me get you up to speed: -girl leaves boyfriend for Spain -boyfriend promises to come to Spain for special Galicia trip -girl and boy break up -girl is sad about Galicia … Continue reading

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Today I drank wine out of a bowl. See? My new gorgeous Spanish friend Victoria took me to Maceira, an amazing Gallego restaurant in Huertas, where, in keeping with tradition, they serve your wine to you in bowls. I will be … Continue reading

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MonsterWine – Tuscany

Monsterville Horton IV, CWE is to whom I credit my wine snobbery. Before Monsterville, I was quite content to pop to the shop for a $5 bottle of Barefoot Pinot Grigio and begin my weekend drinking this frightful juice with … Continue reading

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Texas Wine Country

Raul and I decided to pop over to the Texas Wine Country last weekend – one final hurrah together before our big trips (him: Africa – work; her: NYC, Spain, Netherlands, Canada – pleasure). Texas is hot. In case you … Continue reading

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Reef Restaurant Review

The fella and I had our date night at Reef last Friday night. With both of us craving seafood and never having been, we put on our Sunday best and headed out. Mmmm this place was so ethereal and watery. … Continue reading

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