Reef Restaurant Review

The fella and I had our date night at Reef last Friday night. With both of us craving seafood and never having been, we put on our Sunday best and headed out.

Mmmm this place was so ethereal and watery. Literally. With the ice blue decor, wavy architectural lines and floor to ceiling windows, we felt like we were dining under the sea. The adorable crystal chandeliers are even shaped like sea anemones.

Good thing we made reservations as it was packed. They were running a bit behind so we hopped over to the bar. I got a Corona. Normally I opt for the more exotic but the beer list left something to be desired.

We had barely finished half when the cheery hostess scooped us up for our table.

Down to business: can we have the wine list?
It’s 2500 pages long?!

I almost shrieked with joy when Raul happened upon Laetitia Pinot Noir on the list -our absolute fave pinot. Not to be out done, Reef had another trick up her aquamarine sleeve: Darioush Viognier. DARIOUSH?!?! Could it be?? You might remember Darioush from such blog posts as Napa Valley Christmas. We LOVE it. We looked no further and ordered their last bottle. Poseidon surely was smiling down upon us that night.

Sea God

Unfortunately I forgot my camera so have no accompanying pictures. As blogs without pics are frightfully dull, I’ll keep this short and sweet:

Appy: crab cake
Entree: Raul- Tuna, Erin – Amberjack, *and fried macaroni and cheese (oh I so did)
Dessert: Panna Cotta with Dr. Pauly’s Ice Wine

Crab cake was crunchy on the outside, flaky and delicious on the inside. And large enough to share for 2 hungry tummies. I like my cakes with an abundance of crab and not a lot of “filler” – this cake did not disappoint. The meat was fresh with a bit of tang that paired splendidly with the salad it was resting on.

Raul’s tuna was borderline too good to be true. Fairy tale tuna if you will. There was virtually no sauce to speak of (and we are sauce FIENDS) and still the tuna was bursting with so much flavor I had to keep taking bite after bite in order to decipher what made it so darn good. I HAD to. Better yet, it came with tender broccolini that had just the right amount of crunch. I do hate an over cooked vegetable.

My amberjack probably would have been better had the tuna not been there to trump it. Sorry amberjack.

The panna cotta was a tad bit gelatin-y and slimy, whereas I like mine creamier, like the way DaMarco does theirs. I had a few bites then was done. However the ice wine was a nice pairing. But I won’t order that dessert again.

I give Reef a 4 out of 5 stars. Our waiter was from Syria and so delightful we wanted him to take a seat and eat with us. Impeccable service and timing, surprising wine list, amazing food – we can’t wait to go back.

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