About Me

Perito Moreno Glacier, Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina. 2006

Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.
-Alan Keightley

I love traveling and meditation and dancing.

And unicorns.

I say “dude” a lot for a girl.

Welcome to my blog! I’m Erin, I’m in my early 30’s, and up until 2013 my life purpose was globe trotting. A few bullet points from the last 10 years: I traipsed Latin America with only a backpack, and dined on octupus while the Galicia sea breeze tickled my skin. I hitchhiked in France and accepted rides (and stayed the night!) with strangers I met on buses in Colombia. I walked through Red Square in Moscow with amazement, and I searched for Nessie in Scotland.

This was my high. I was good at it, too. I was born to wander. I’m an explorer by nature and to be unleashed upon a foreign land is one of my greatest thrills.

Everything came to a screeching halt in April 2014, when I was diagnosed with Stage IV endometriosis via laparoscopy. I had a 7 hour laparotomy in July 14 to remove the endo nodules and unglue my organs from each other, and now I’m trying to figure out how to deal with this hand I’ve been dealt…because endo is forever. Like diamonds. I’ve been in chronic pain for the past 2 decades. I ignored it sometimes, and the other times I told myself that everyone else has chronic pain so it’s no big deal. Well, in 2014, it became so severe I couldn’t ignore it anymore, and I had to finally seek medical help. Imagine my surprise to be diagnosed with a chronic disease I’ve been carrying around since high school. There is no cure. The only thing to do with endo is try to control it through medication and diet. Keyword: try. Poor body.

 What started out as a travel blog has twisted into a different journey – figuring out how to deal with this disease that affects the quality of my life every day. A disease that really interferes with my loves of traveling, meditation and dancing…

I refuse to give any of those things up. But now a new friend has shown up uninvited to the party, and I’m trying to sort out how to find an extra place mat so we all can fit at the table.

This blog is my ship, as I navigate the waters of my soul, trying to find my freedom and a way to have a normal life again.

21 Responses to About Me

  1. wickedmoxie says:

    OMG, sister from another mother, I thought I was the only one on the planet that dances just because I hear music, and trust me this can be a problem if the music I’m hearing can only be heard by yours truly… pfffft… ya’ know people simple can’t appreciate funny some times… 🙂

    Sounds like you had a blast at the wedding especially that whole casino part. So how much were you taken for, exactly? 😉

  2. George says:

    I want to leave some MEAN FEEDBACK… Just kidding 🙂

    I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog because of the great style and energy. I actually work for the CheapOair travel blog. If you’re interested, we would love to have you on as a guest blogger. Please send me an e-mail: gchristodoulou(at)cheapoair(dot)com, and I can give you more information. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. Good luck with all those travel dreams!

  4. Hi Erin,

    Great post on Today I drank wine out of a bowl! Please e-mail me at natdecants@nataliemaclean.com. It’s about wine of course 🙂


  5. Craig Tobias says:

    Say not, “I have found the path of the soul.” Say rather, “I have found the soul walking upon my path.” For the soul walks upon all paths. The soul walks not upon a line, neither does it grow like a reed. The soul unfolds itself, like a lotus of countless petals.

  6. jmsabbagh says:

    Thank you for visiting my site.I wish that all your dreams and wishes come true.Best luck. Jalal Michael

  7. I edited a Magazine once called ‘The Unicorn’. When we were about to launch it my colleague and I were interviewed by BBC Radio and they asked us how we came up with the name.

    “I saw one once!” I proclaimed.

    That was the end of the interview.

    • erinparker75 says:

      best magazine name, ever 🙂

      • adamberlin says:


        I just had a poem accepted about Pamplona’s running of the bulls, but they need a photo of the event–i don’t have one. I found your photo on google and was wondering if you have a good photo of the ring, the mayhem, something. I can send you the poem if that helps. And you’d get a photo cred if the journal takes the photo.


      • erinparker75 says:

        just sent you an email

  8. Mrs R says:

    I suffer with endo too. Mine is very severe and has been giving me trouble for many years. I lose track of how many things I have missed out on because of it. Not to mention the days of school, college, uni, work. It’s a pig of a disease but its always nice to chat to fellow ladies with it. Nobody else can understand the pain it causes. I recently started a blog – myivfworld.wordpress.com

    • erinparker75 says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that. Have you had any surgeries?

      • Mrs R says:

        Yes I have three operations in total. One was awful and I got a post operative infection so was ill for months. The most recent in 2013 was fine but I thank acupuncture, reflexology, arnica and plenty of positive thinking for that! x

  9. meowincat says:

    Hi Erin-
    I have endo (found in many places – mostly bowel related), my Dr’s are Mathias and Mangal. I’ve had 2 laps and a hyst. Thought I was cured. but then endo reared it’s ugly head again and said “muahaha I’m back!!” and tomorrow I’m driving 3+ hours to Houston to see Dr. Mangal again. for another surgery. sucks. But I was glad to find your blog – I’m not alone! 🙂

    • erinparker75 says:

      Oh my goodness! I can’t believe it came back again!!! Did he do another laparoscopy? Where did he find it this time? Please keep me posted! Fingers crossed that recovery goes well for you xxx

  10. Rrrc says:

    Just read your blog and wow! Hope you are doing better.! Am seeing Dr Mangal, can I email you with some questions ?

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