John Grisham

John enjoying a beer in London

John Grisham came into my life one fateful day in 2006. I was in Mancora, Peru, wrapping up a backpacking trip with a month long stint on the beach. It’s a tiny town and you get to know people quickly. I was on the beach with my friends, reading a John Grisham novel I had picked up at a hostel book exchange. A Danish friend immediately started making fun of my choice, claiming he could read the first page and tell me how it ended, thereby saving me the effort of reading the entire novel. Well, he read the first page and couldn’t predict the end, like he claimed. FOOL!

can you spot John?

BUT. He saved face by predicting that there was a smug picture of the author in the back of the book. He was right. And a star was born. John came with us everywhere that night, sneaking into photos and trying to steal the show. He still won’t leave to this day, and usually finds himself wherever I am, desiring to see the world with me. This blog will occasionally showcase holidays with John and me. He just can’t seem to get enough, the little rascal.

John in Scotland with the Loch Ness monster


2 Responses to John Grisham

  1. sherrillynn says:

    I appreciate John like you do. I might start carrying him around for photo ops. Oh wait. I’d actually have to GO somewhere… I’d like to, but our friend endo has me mostly bedridden at the moment. I am keeping up with JG’s work though. Thanks for the smile. I hope you’re OK.

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