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Galicia – Las Islas Cies Chronicles (6)

We eventually mosey back down to the restaurant for more bevies and to hang with our bartender friends who like to give away beer. And then here is where things to start to get blurry~

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An Adventure in Galica – Las Islas Cies Chronicles (5)

This trip was poorly planned as far as wine is concerned. And if you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know that wine is an essential part of my well being. We ran out of it … Continue reading

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An Adventure in Galicia – Las Islas Cies Chronicles (4)

Las Islas Cies are like an obscure paradise, nestled somewhere off the coast of Galicia. I’m an island girl for sure (Cancer), but I had never heard of these dazzlers until Lana enlightened me. Oh yes, I was intrigued. Especially … Continue reading

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An Adventure in Galicia (3)

Here are some pictures of Vigo. Lana got to spend the first day of our vacay exploring, wandering around alone since I was a dumb and booked our tickets on the wrong day. Good thing she’s okay with that.  Thank … Continue reading

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An Adventure in Galicia (2)

We arrived late in Vigo so immediately put on our club clothes and hit the discoteca until the sun came up. Just kidding. We went to bed. The next morning we take an early bus to Nigran where our cute … Continue reading

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An Adventure in Galicia (1)

It’s actually quite cool how this trip happened. Let me get you up to speed: -girl leaves boyfriend for Spain -boyfriend promises to come to Spain for special Galicia trip -girl and boy break up -girl is sad about Galicia … Continue reading

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Today I drank wine out of a bowl. See? My new gorgeous Spanish friend Victoria took me to Maceira, an amazing Gallego restaurant in Huertas, where, in keeping with tradition, they serve your wine to you in bowls. I will be … Continue reading

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