An Adventure in Galicia (2)

We arrived late in Vigo so immediately put on our club clothes and hit the discoteca until the sun came up. Just kidding. We went to bed.

The next morning we take an early bus to Nigran where our cute little boutique-hotel-by-the-sea awaited us.

For some reason, the bus driver hated life, and hated us. All three of us took turns trying to get an answer out of him as to which stop would put us in the closest proximity to the hotel. We were unsuccessful. Eventually I just put my headphones on and figured we’d find a way, somehow. I tend to not worry too much when I’m close to an ocean. It will all work out. And if it doesn’t, there is always wine.

It worked out.

We saw a sign for Nigran so just decided to jump off. We had no idea where we were so we walked into a bar to ask for directions. There was a couple eating breakfast who overheard our conversation and mentioned that they were headed in the direction of our hotel and offered to drop us off.

Oh Universe, always looking out for us.

We get to our HUGE MEGA AWESOME room for 60 Euros a night and immediately change into our swimsuits. The girls are deterred by the ominous clouds but I give them no other option but the sea. Sometimes I can be bossy. But it’s only because I know what is best for everyone involved.

This is what we walked upon:


We are happy here, but also hungry. And jonesing for some of that legendary Galician pulpo (octopus).

We find a perfect place and get some Albariño – the white wine the Galician region is known for and one of my all time fave varietals.

In a moment of deep inspiration, I toast to the start of our vacation, and cover the following important topics at hand:

  • how happy I was to be in Galicia with my girls
  • how happy I was to be able to introduce Albarino to them
  • how we were going to polish off many, many bottles together
Here is Lana’s reaction:I move people to tears, you guys. Words. They’re kinda my thing. And unicorns.

watch out. i know how to make collages now

After 3 hours of dining (drinking) we figure we’d let the waitresses take their siesta. We find out from them that there is no chino where we can buy more wine to take to the beach. So instead, we buy 2 more bottles from them, and they give us ice (and how!) AND actual glasses to take. Just imagine – glass on the beach! Those Spaniards sure do throw caution to the wind. We promise to bring the glasses back the next day, but they don’t care – just told us to keep them.

This is what we came back to:

Later that afternoon, Princess Marina announces that she is going back to the hotel to shower and nap. She looks at us expectantly, as if she needs company. Neither Lana nor I acknowledge her. The beach is my god. I’m not moving. She leaves, only to come back 3o minutes later, wine and actual wine glasses (with stems!) in hand, saying “if you can’t beat em, join em.” She had gone back to the hotel and on the way to our room was distracted by the bar. She then decided a much better plan would be to buy another bottle and bring it back to the beach. I knew I brought her along for a reason.

the damage…

Day one and I’m in love, Galicia.

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