Today I drank wine out of a bowl. See?

My new gorgeous Spanish friend Victoria took me to Maceira, an amazing Gallego restaurant in Huertas, where, in keeping with tradition, they serve your wine to you in bowls. I will be doing this from now on in Texas, k?

On the table was also pulpo (octopus), pimientos de padron (peppers – not spicy), and croquetas de tetilla y bacalao. No photographic evidence. I seem to forget all decorum when food is in front me and focus solely on getting it as quickly into my mouth as possible. Must work on that.

Then I was introduced to a Gallego speciality: queimada. It comes to your table IN FLAMES. That’s how it goes down too. Like gasoline.


not flaming

Dessert + queimada + a fan. Victoria is SO Spanish 🙂

But wine in bowls! I can’t get over it. It was the loveliest afternoon with the loveliest of people. Just don’t ask for Coke.

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