Teaching English in Spain

I came to Spain through a volunteer program called GeoVisions, where I live with a famiy and teach their children English 15 hours per week. They have six kids. SIX. Joder…

But they make it look so easy! I’m baffled. Coming from the States, even just one baby can throw the entire dynamic of a marriage off, leaving you with no time or patience for your spouse, and in a constant state of fatigue and irritability. But Celia and Antonio make it seem so easy. I will find out their secret. I must. Have I been lied to all along? Can it really be like this? 

They are demolishing all of my previously held beliefs. I love when that happens. Because that means something new is left to be discovered. 🙂

My first Monday with them was a holiday so they didn’t have school.

Lunch with all of them was literally a shit show. There was laughing, crying, yelling, and talking at as I sat in silent disbelief.

Then there was dinner. Antonio was holding the baby (Miguel) and put him on the table like a puppet. He was using his hands and talking to the children saying “Hola, como estas?” They laughed and laughed like it was the funniest thing ever. I was slightly amused and raised one eyebrow in approval.

When he got to Pablo (who is six) he said “Hola, como te llamas?”

Pablo: “Yo me llamo Culo.” Literally – “my name is Ass”. I spit out my drink; Pablo got yelled at.

Get in my pocket. I’m taking you home.

Pablo playing Angry Birds on my phone

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