Kanomwan or Bust

After a hankering for some Thai one Friday night, Raul pulled out his restaurant bible (zagat) and did a little perusing to see what new haunt we could scare up. Pun intended 🙂

Enter Kanomwan. The kicker for us was that it’s BYOB. Since we are bonafide wine snobs and like to carry our own bottles anyway, this really suited us. We grabbed a (warm) bottle of Chardonnay and headed on up to the East Side.

Now, I’ve read the reviews. People say the area of town is wretched, and the service is even worse. A little bad service doesn’t scare us as long as the food is good. And I have been stomping in the 2nd ward since I was a wee tot, so if you can still call it the projects (since Houston’s newest thing is reviving the east side) well that doesn’t bother me either.

Kanomwan is located in a parking lot adjacent to a bunch of other random places, including Bohemeo’s, a coffee shop after my own hippie heart.

We walk into Kanomwan and are not suprised to see that it is full of white people. I do have to pull out my sunglasses to shield my eyes from the harsh fluorescent lighting (no romantic dining here) and garish teal walls, but I’m not going to crucify them for it…..yet.

After being seated, this is what our exchange with the owner sounds like:

Owner: you order? (in his gruff, unsmiling way)
me: Hi! (smiling brightly as birds land on my shoulder) Yes, but first, can we get a bucket and ice for our wine, and can you open this for us?
owner: no
me: no?
owner: no, you do it. (slaps corkscrew on table)
me: ok, can we get some ice?
owner: no
me: why not?
owner: we don’t do that
me: (looking at raul in confusion. is the task difficult? i’m not sure) ok, i’ll have the green curry
owner: you order? (looking at raul)
Raul: I’m not ready, can you come back?
owner: you order now!
me: he will in a minute, you need to come back!

Exit owner.

Ok. So far, expectations met. Raul orders a SPICY chicken dish and we get a side of fried rice as well since what the hey? We won’t have an alcohol charge.

However since our wine is warm, we attempt a makeshift cooler by hugging the bottle with our water glasses. See below.

It didn’t really work, so we had to result to the ultra-classy method of ice cubes in the glass. Yeah!

Here’s my delicious (and shockingly spicy) green curry:

The cooks have a heavy hand indeed when it comes to the Thai chilies. My mouth was on fuego the entire time.

After 1 appetizer and 3 entrees, our total bill was, wait for it…..


And that my friends, is why I love BYO’s with NO corkage fee.

Go for the food people, not the service.

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