Napa Valley Christmas – Day 3

Hard to believe I’ve only counted up to day 2. I’d say I’ll make this quick, but I think we all know how much I love to explain things. Carrying on then…

Day 3

  • Peju
  • Turnbull
  • Del Dotto

Peju is a gorgeous tiny winery owned by a European couple by way of the Caspian Sea. They are also open until 6 which is very considerate since most shut their doors in our faces at 5. We started our tasting at 10, and as usual, were the only people there.

We spent the morning with Richie, our animated pseudo-Italian tour guide with the Guido accent. It started off promising, what with our jokes and laughs and his admiring our “cuteness”. Until the wine pulled out the somber in him and he told tales of his divorce and how his wife left him for another man and is in the process of raping him dry, while he maintains good humour towards her. Hmmm. After that buzzkill we wrapped things up pretty quickly there.

Then we popped over to Turnbull. When I asked if I could try the Shiraz the lady told me they didn’t have any open today. I’m sorry??? Maybe the problem was not that they didn’t have any open, but that they didn’t have any bottle openers. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

This room was busier, and we had to share the floor with an old man and his gold digger girlfriend comparing Turnbull’s wines to the $10,000 bottles they buy on their private jet. Raul and I scoffed. $10,000? We don’t spend any less than $15,000. Peasants.

Now it’s time for Del Dotto Vineyards and Caves! This was a really different experience, since the tasting area was draped with marble, frescoes, and towering columns. With Italian opera playing in the background, it was like being at a Roman feast. And best of all, the wine tasting is straight from the barrels in their romantic “caves” resplendent with candles casting a dusky glow down the cobblestone corridors.

How gorgeous is that? We tasted oodles of wine and by that point, all the Cabs tasted like the Merlots, which tasted like the Pinots, which tasted like the blends. I think I just committed mortal wine sin with that statement. I did quite fancy their Chardonnay, which at $125/bottle I found very reasonable and could not understand why Raul would not get me any. It was Christmas after all.

Anywho, they pulled the wine out of the barrels with this sassy little tool called a Wine Thief. Will that fit in my stocking?

Raul wanted this bottle, but I said no, better get the big one.


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2 Responses to Napa Valley Christmas – Day 3

  1. Cheyne says:

    Del Dotto’s caves look ah-mazing. Like a movie.

    And yes, I want a wine thief too.

    I enjoy your blog so much. Please don’t ever stop.

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