Napa Valley Christmas – Day 4 & 5


Christmas day was a little awkward. Raul and I were in the frozen foods aisle in the grocery store when my old lover happened upon me and touched my sleeve. Naturally, I jumped, in the process spilling my purse.

Wait, wait…I’m confused. That was Christmas EVE. Christmas day was actually quite lovely. We woke up to a lovely view and a lovely breakfast.

After eating we hop in the convertible for a long drive on the windy roads with the top down, screamin’ out money ain’t a thang.

…and we brought a few snacks for the journey

We find Smittle Creek to work up an appetite for lunch. Yes that is a glass of wine in my hand. We needed nourishment!

After a long and dangerous hike where we encountered gnats, withery dead trees, and leaves that seemed to jump and swirl for no reason at all, we decided to stop tempting fate and head back for the chef (me) to prepare lunch.

Spiced lamb meatballs with tequila jalapeno mustard from Peju, along with sauteed Swiss chard with onions and tomatoes, paired perfectly with the Avante Garde Pinot Noir.

Nom Nom Nom

little obsessed with wine glass shots

Day 5

  • Nichelini
  • Joseph Phelps
  • Hall
  • Reynolds Family

So this is the day we are to head to San Francisco. We wanted to check out Nichelini before we left, a mysterious winery we always saw on the ride home but was closed when we drove by every time.

Nichelini is the 2nd oldest winery in ALL of Napa Valley. We got the low down from the owners. Swiss origen, not Italian. Do not let the name trick you, as we were so tricked. They are Swiss to the core. And make a mean Zinfandel, of which we bought 3 bottles.

yeah his eyes are closed

We skipped on over to Joseph Phelps again with their groovy woodwork, this time they were open – it was 11am – and we had our snazzy complimentary tasting card.

I also tried to joke around with Father Time who was doing our pourings, but he wasn’t having it. Fine, Scrooge. You don’t laugh at my jokes, I don’t buy your wine. And we leave.

Hall was an impromptu stop. Raul had bought their Cabernet Sauvignon from Central Market once and loved it, so we decided to pop to the shop. And what a fruitful stop it was since we bought 5 bottles from them. Their wine is a-mazing. I’m salivating a little just thinking about it. GO HERE PLEASE.  You won’t be disappointed. But please note: you only get front row parking if you love the environment.

We so parked there with our eclipse anyway. Take that, Earth!

Our 4th stop of the day was Reynold’s Family. We weren’t that impressed, so decided that was enough.

I then slipped into my wine nap while my captain navigated the car to San Francisco. I heart not driving.

Did I mention that Raul planned this entire trip? I didn’t have to do a darn thing. And it was absolutely lovely. Mad props to my boo. After all, life’s too short to drink bad juice 🙂

Cheers! xxx

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4 Responses to Napa Valley Christmas – Day 4 & 5

  1. Cheyne says:

    Who is your old lover???

  2. Cheyne says:

    Okay, so I liked your blog until I realized what you were trying to do with the “old lover” in the grocery store bit.

    Same Old Lang Syne? Really, Erin? Really?!

  3. Cyn says:

    I think “You don’t laugh at my jokes, I don’t buy your wine (sic).” should be on a t-shirt

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