Point/Counterpoint with Marissa and Erin – the ghost chronicles

Marissa:  So I went to his place last night to watch GOT-the usual. And when I get there he has his gun sitting out. I was like “Umm….Are we playing Russian roulette again?”

And he says no, when he came home earlier he could see that his gate was closed.  Then he pulls in, opens the door, and hears that there is a TV show coming from his speakers-but his TV isn’t on.


He walks around and sees that his gate is now swinging.

Me:  I just shat myself. Did you notice anything???

Marissa:  I have always had a weird feeling there, but now I can’t tell if its just my eyes playing tricks or what. My ghostly abilities are gone. I’m just a shell.

Me:  I didn’t know you felt weird there. I wonder if someone was MURDERED.

Marissa:  He said he has heard things before…lights on in the upstairs bedroom.

Me:  I’m never going there again.

Marissa:  I just Googled ‘how to find out if your house is a murder house’


(promise i’m actually working on some real posts that should be up next week!)

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4 Responses to Point/Counterpoint with Marissa and Erin – the ghost chronicles

  1. Marie Morris says:

    We have a ghost at our too. Even Jaime believes it. Boom.

  2. erinparker75 says:

    i know about that ghost because it was the first story jaime told me when i walked into your house! then i had to sleep there for TWO nights.

  3. Leo says:

    I am so glad a clicked HOME and came across this. I am still smiling. Marissa has this uncanny ability to make me smile…even in your blog.

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