Point/Counterpoint with Marissa and Erin

Just a glimpse into our daily gchats. This is why we need our own reality show…


Marissa:  I think I should become a Professional Namer.

“Marissa! We need a name for a show about horses that is targeted at men.”

“Got it. Hay Dude.”

Me:  Yes. This is an untapped talent for you

Marissa:  But Wine and Dine is ours. It will be a cooking show we host. 

You are going to cook, while I just drink wine and make comments.

Me:  You can always put River Dog Tube Captain on your resume. So they see how quick you are.

Marissa:  I just laughed out loud and snorted.


Sorry, left that part out.

Me:  It’s ok. I’m glad I waited.


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