Holy John Stamos! Or…How To Do Jazzfest Right (part one)

look at them! how i love…

This was our first time at Jazzfest in New Orleans, and I think we squeezed every bit of life possible out of that weekend. Trips with the ATX crew are usually legendary, but this one proved especially epic. Mostly because of John Stamos. I will marry him, if given the chance.

Anywho, I lapped up this weekend like I do a good Zinfandel. NOLA is a city for music lovers, and oh does she deliver…I was in heaven nearly every. single. moment.

Here’s what we did wrong: We arrived too late on Friday, so we missed all shows except the closers. We also drove. The drive is loooooooong from Houston. Despite our dance offs and Hold Baby Alligator jokes, flying is in order next year.

Here’s what we did right: we made it in time Friday for the Beach Boys and to see close ups of John Stamos on the drums. We also sneaked in whiskey and beer. I literally walked in with 6 cans of beer in my purse, and LeeAnn was holding an open one in her hand. It’s almost as if they wanted us to bring our own alcohol. We stayed in hotels right off of Canal St. (and across from Harrah’s) that made walking everywhere (and gambling) SUPER easy.


We caught the first half of the Bon Iver show, then moved on to the Beach Boys. Their stage presence is pretty much comatose, but they still sound pretty damn good so I forgave them. Plus, John Stamos!

The festival ends round 7pm, and there’s this great bar right across from the main entrance called the Seahorse. No cover and great music and beer in true New Orleans style. We ordered countless rounds of Abita Strawberry and danced around in circles as sun sank in the sky. It was a total whim going there, and ended up being one of our favorite venues – the music is fantastic and free!!!!

Seahorses Forever

“Drink Through It” is our motto, so instead of going back to the hotel (remember, we’ve been out ALL DAY LONG, and the festival is freaking hot – bring sunscreen) we hop a cab over to Frenchmen St., the place to hear great tunes in NOLA. Forget Bourbon.

I dragged everyone to my favorite haunt, The Spotted Cat, where we got to hear great, old school brassy jazz and blues all night long for only $5!!! But if someone hands you a shot of Jameson, say no. I almost died. Death by disgust.

whirling and twirling

the only ones who opted out of dinner for the music

The night ended, like a proper night should, at the casino. After a few rounds of craps and roulette, I made my way to the discoteca (shocker) and we were dancing next to John Stamos for a good 30 minutes before one of the girls recognized him. Yes, Uncle Jesse still is that dreamy. It isn’t normal for a man to look that good…

mi esposo

Did you know that in NOLA you can buy Abita and Blue Moon in CANS??!?!?! WTF, Texas? It’s a sad, sad day when Louisiana is progressing faster than us…

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