Austin – 1

Austin, TX seems to have this entrepreneurial epidemic. Most of my friends there work for themselves and set their own schedules. This bodes well when Kim and I roll into town around 2pm on a Friday and head straight to the pool, beer in tow. After all, what are Friday afternoons for if not sunning and drinking?

We soak up a good amount of Vitamin D then get ready for dinner at Matt’s El Rancho. Oh Mah Gah. No one told me about this restaurant. And the tiny, No-Appetite-Ever Brit finished her plate. I’m slowly turning her into one of us.

The group knew a buddy playing at Saxon Pub that night so we went to go see Jeremy Stedding and his band. We pretty much took over the place, as our obnoxious group is want to do. We were even told to keep it down by another table. At a bar! Come on.

Here’s his site. Find out where he is playing in Austin and go support your local musicians! They put on a great show.

John made it out that night. The sneaky bastard couldn’t get enough of his ladies.

After party at Jeremy’s house led to this –>

Don’t fall asleep around these folks, or this might happen to you too.

At one point during the night, Kim said this to me: “I don’t want no baby mama drama.”

I almost spit out my drink. She’s learning to fast; I could have kissed her. But I didn’t. Cause she’s British and hates any form of affection.

No touching!

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5 Responses to Austin – 1

  1. Kelli Odum says:

    I love that you have this and wrote this. Hope you are having an amazing trip Ma!!!

  2. Awesome Time! We’re playing at Saxon Pub again Wednesday and the night has a hell of a lot to live up to!

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