New Orleans – 4

Frenchmen Street is THE place to go for music in New Orleans. Write that down. We hit up The Spotted Cat,  a tiny venue with silky music spilling out onto the pavement. The Jazz Vipers were playing that night, and their trumpet player is about 75 years old. He’s adorable! Check it out….

The girl on the mic is just some random chick from the bar who wanted to share her sultry and wobbly jazz voice with us. I love how it melts over the crowd and coats you with its smoky sexiness.

After the set we headed next door to Apple Barrel for an impromptu R&B and jazz sesh. None of the sets were planned and the musicians were just jamming together.

It was there that Kim was approached by her future husband. He professed his undying love to her, even though he had a “fiancé” waiting for him back at the hotel. When we asked to see a picture of her, he pulls out his phone and shows us a photo of a supermodel.
Her name?
Of course it is.

The most interesting part of this story? He was so happy he didn’t have to f#ck up his face in order to meet an intelligent (Kim) woman.

“You know how it is. Normally you have to beat your head against a wall and f*ck up your face in order to find an intelligent woman.”  [WTF???]

Ah. That old chestnut.

Richie (friend from Baton Rouge) and I keep quoting You’s a Hoe on the way home. And pointing out all the hookers on the street to Kim. She’s desperate to spot one on her own.

“I keep thinking all those parking things are hoes!” (talking about parking meters)

Oh Kim

We stop at the gas station for water and cheetos and crawl into bed by 4:30AM. Good Monday.

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