Madrid, mi amor

First day in Madrid. I arrived around 10am after having spent the entire previous night awake at London Luton. Luton is NOT in London. Don’t let the name fool you. I advise anyone and everyone to stay away as the hassle of getting there (if you don’t have amazing friends with cars willing to drive you) isn’t worth the extra costs you will save.

Anywho, Lana scoops me up and I immediately come back to her amazing piso in Bilbao and take a nap. I’m still exhausted, and we go grab a café con leche at a lovely outdoor café. I love her neighborhood; it’s bustling with life and vibrating with energy and anticipation.

Currently I am camped out at Starbucks, while it pours outside. I am sipping my tea (can take the girl outta England…) and watching the world pass by and wash away. This is exactly where I want to be.

I feel like Madrid is hugging me after our long absence.

I still need to recap my times in Austin, New York and London, but right now – it’s all about Spain, baby.

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