New Orleans – 3

New Orleans gave us a very lazy second day. We didn’t get out of bed until midday and walked around the French Quarter trying to pull out of our haze from the night before.

“He’s got gold teeth!” Kim said in surprise, about someone who just got on the street car. Love it. 

I took her to the Acme Oyster House for her first boiled crawfish meal.  Crawfish is expensive this year! $10/lb. We got one pound.

We eventually moseyed back to change for another night of music when hurricane force winds and rain tried to discourage us. Au contraire mon frere! We called a cab, picked up a pizza, and ate it in the cab on the way back to Frenchmen.
Erin/Kim: 1  Mother Nature: 0

Tuesday night is apparently Lindy Hop night on Frenchmen Street. Go out to the bars for great music and dancing that reminds you of 1940’s America – back when she was great. It’s so fun.

On our drive back Wednesday morning, we pass a guy reading a porn magazine WHILE DRIVING AND SMOKING A CIGARETTE. At first I thought he was reading a map, as he barreled past us. Kim was convinced otherwise so I caught up to him and we drove right next to him for a good 3 minutes snapping photos. Creep. He never noticed us. Was too busy I suppose. Enjoy the montage…

A few helpful tips for NOLA:

We stayed at the India House which is at Canal and South Lopez. Great location, fantastic vibe in the hostel, and only a 10 minute ride to the French Quarter on the street cars. $1.25 for a ride. Take cabs back at night tho – New Orleans is a lot of things, and sketchy is definitely one of them. Should only be about $10 in a cab.

For an accurate live music calendar, check out This gives you all the info on different bands in tons of different venues around the city per night.

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