New Orleans – 2

First thing’s first: we take the street car to the shit show that is Bourbon Street. We immediately pop into a daiquiri factory and get our go-cups. Kim is appalled by the smell of urine and vomit and trash, at 6pm on a Monday night. She hasn’t learned the art of breathing through her mouth yet. In due time, little grasshopper. Due time.

We stumble upon this jewel of a drummer. He attracted a pretty big crowd, and you can see why…

We still have a bit of time before our ghost tour, so we head to Pat O’Brien’s to get her a hurricane and some [fried] alligator.

We join up with the New Orleans Ghost Tour at 8PM. It’s a walking tour through the gorgeous French Quarter which is cool, but this particular tour was a real let down. Don’t do it. I had wanted Lord Chaz, who is BRILLIANT, but he wasn’t available that evening. Sad. Lord Chaz is the only way to go guys.

And! We didn’t even see ghosts. I at least wanted a scary face in a window.

Post tour, I introduce Kim to the wonderment of beignets at Café du Monde. She fell in love. Here we scoop up a friend in from Baton Rouge and head off for Frenchmen St.

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