Austin – 2

Saturday morning in Austin we take Kim to get some breakfast tacos from Torchy’s. They’re her new favorite food. I recommend the Dirty Sanchez and Green Chili Pork.

Then on to Butler Park Pitch n Putt for a little birthday action.

Birthday girl:

The day started off promising enough.

Kelli (the birthday girl) brought along a friend John Grisham style who was unable to attend. Meet Steve:

We didn’t make it passed hole 4 before everyone gave up due to hangovers and exhaustion. We decided it was a much better plan to stay put and finish off the beer we had brought, all the while cheering on the players who were brave enough to play all the way through.

she's exhausted

there was a lot of lunging that day

John got a bit jealous so we showed him some photo love.

an amateur sketch

We created a mini golf course, then Steve and John proceeded to hog the camera

you know we brought koozies with us

After our golf escapades, we headed to Shady Grove for some food. Kelli brought in leftover beer in a sock. A sock, ladies and gentlemen. Brilliance.

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1 Response to Austin – 2

  1. Kelli Odum says:

    You my friend, are amazing!! Just pure amazingness exudes from you!! ❤

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