Puerto Rico – day 1

Apparently my immune system has gone on hiatus for the time being, which would explain my 2 week long cold that began in Vieques and is just now deciding to release its death grip on my respiratory system. Time to move on, eh? Go find another host.

In the meantime, I did no writing due to my penchant for sleeping 14+ hour days during this time. But I digress…on to the adventures!

We had a 6am flight from Houston with a layover in Atlanta. I was exhausted naturally, but had loads of Dexter to catch up on so I didn’t sleep much. Damn him.

San Juan welcomes us with cloudy skies, wind and rain. Never one to be deterred, I immediately shed my clothes for a swimsuit and drag everyone beach side, ready for a tropical cocktail and ocean dip. I’m convinced that if I wear it (swimsuit), he (the sun) will come. Instead, I encounter gale force chilly winds and a grim horizon hugging a steely sea. Bugger. Our first round of drinks in Puerto Rico was a round of coffee with Baileys. Coffee! They didn’t even put the little umbrellas in there. But we were so happy to be on vacation.

We find out that their weather had been rubbish ever since the blizzards started in the northeast, and it was pushing some unpleasant systems south. We shrug it off, not bothered by the current weather and get ready for dinner in Old San Juan.

The Plaza de Colon was still lit up with life and Christmas lights. We found this bustling corner of an outdoor patio and had a lazy dinner at a Spanish restaurant – Toro Salao.

There was a long wait, so in true Latin style we go grab beers from a vendor down the street, then come back to the restaurant and sit at their bar with our plastic cups while we wait. It’s perfectly normal.

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One Response to Puerto Rico – day 1

  1. A says:

    I have read day 1 of 8…. where is the rest? You call yourself a blogger! Perez Hilton scoffs at you E!!! Scoffs!!!

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