Lemon Buttermilk Cookies

I’ll be honest – it’s going to be a while before I am able to post about Vieques. I have over 700 photos to sift through. Yikes! We went a little crazy. If I can leave you with one thought until then: go there. You absolutely must. Skip any plans of Puerto Rico and hop right on over to Vieques. I’ll tell you why in a few days…

In the meantime, check out this recipe for lemon buttermilk cookies that I snagged from my friend’s glorious food blog – Eating For England. I made these puppies for several occasions during the holidays. A word of warning: they are akin to crack. If you eat one, you will not be able to stop unless someone forces you. About a dozen would easily disappear before the fella and I would eye each other accusingly…

Find the recipe here.
I altered it a bit by adding more lemon, since I love it. As you can see below, I increased the lemon peel to a good handful, and I added fresh lemon juice to the glaze. Probably about 1/4 cup. These cookies are wonderfully soft and chewy and seem to float inside your mouth with an airiness that reminds me of heaven. The lemon juice added to the glaze gave them the tartiness I love in lemon desserts.

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