Vieques – day 1

The ferry to Vieques is FREEZING!!!! Seriously, all of the locals are wearing sweatshirts and pants, and Tina and I walk on in our flimsy summer dresses. Huge mistake.

port in Fajardo, waiting to board

like what NYC does with cars!

When we arrive, this is how the island greets us…

Isabel Segunda

The ferry arrives in Isabel Segunda. We go collect our rental car – which was supposed to be a Jeep, but upon arriving they inform us that they had no more Jeeps left and would call if one was turned in. Visions of the car reservation bit on Seinfeld popped through my head. I give up on ever getting a Jeep. To make up for this inconvenience, they give us a Yaris instead. Thanks.

We drive over to Esperanza, which is the other side of the island and where our house is.

Esperanza is amazing! Totally different vibe than Isabel Segunda. One main street, the Malecon, hugs the ocean and bursts forth with life and music. But you know, in a beachy way so you can still wear flip flops and tshirts (snorg tees?) everywhere.

the Malecon

Here is our house: Casa Cielito Lindo. Isn’t she presh???

Right. On to dinner. And drinks. We head to Duffy’s first, then Bili, which is where I was introduced to the love of my life: passion fruit drinks with vodka – fresh with the pulp and the seeds floating around and intoxicating me with their magic.

The menu for the night included tostones, lobster paella, grilled lobster, conch and pumpkin risotto, and a whole coconut curry oven baked red snapper. The bartender finished our meal by bringing out some Coquito for us, a traditional Puerto Rican after dinner drink made of crème de coco. Think of it as Puerto Rican eggnog. It’s amazing.

Did you know there are “wild” horses on Vieques? They just wander wherever they damn well please, and every house has a fenced yard to keep them out. Otherwise they just march right in and eat all your grass and leave very large presents before they go. Here were some walking down the Malecon during dinner…

Like a loser, I headed home after dinner and the rest went out and got thoroughly pissed at Lazy Jacks, playing Wii and drinking more tropical libations. I hate colds.

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  1. emily says:

    Wild horses??? really?? Who’d a thunk it!

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