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Paulo Coelho’s Blog

🙂 20 SEC READING: The place we desire by PAULO COELHO on JULY 1, 2012 A friend came to wait on our table – at a cafĂ© in San Diego, California. I had met Cláudia in Brazil four years previously, … Continue reading

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Loving My Fears

I keep thinking about yesterday’s post about fear. And especially point #2, that fear is a normal emotion, and once we accept that emotion as an every day part of our lives, it loses its power. Society has equated fear … Continue reading

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Four topics about fear — Paulo Coelho’s Blog

My favorite author: Four topics about fear by PAULO COELHO on MAY 15, 2012 by Chandresh Bhardwaj The origin of fear lies in the unknown. Be it the darkness, ghosts, weather calamities or whatever is unknown to the man is … Continue reading

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