Hangout Fest Blues

We got back from Hangout Fest in Gulf Shores on Monday evening. 5 days of the beach, breaking my routine, seeing old friends, eating great food (oops) and discovering new bands.

I’ll write a real blog about the festival once I’ve got my photos and videos uploaded so you can see what it was like.

For now, I’m nursing my endo-hangover. Is that a thing? I think I just made it one.

And since my body is rejecting every morsel of food I consume, I’ve resigned myself to only bone broth. Again. Until my GI gets it shit together. 2 days? 3 days? Who knows.

Not in a good mood.



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2 Responses to Hangout Fest Blues

  1. A says:

    So sorry to hear the trip made you ill. I went on the Salty Dog Cruise (Flogging Molly, Frank Turner, Gogol Bordello & others) and was sick the entire time AND the weekend after I got back. It was still fun, but wow, it sure would be nice to have fun without getting sick!

  2. erinparker75 says:

    tell me about it! how was frank turner? he was at hangout but we saw another band instead. it was a tough choice

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