Hangout Fest – Gulf Shores

Heard of Hangout? It’s a 3 day music festivus on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama. We’re going Thursday. Have a condo right on the beach. Holla!

We leave Wednesday for New Orleans to spend the night with the lovely Lorelei, who lives there right now. She’ll take me to get my Spotted Cat fix – a NOLA must. Then Gulf Shores is just a quick jaunt from there.

I’m scared and excited. What if I can’t do it? What if I yell at everyone because I can only sleep from 9-11am and they are being loud? What if I don’t sleep at all and grudgingly watch the sunrise (hello, last Friday night) because, hormones? What if I’m cranky and develop an aversion to music and life? Sigh. So many things to worry about with stupid endo. What if….I love it and have a blast? (hahahahahahaha. be real.) But, here’s trying, at least.

If all else fails, there’s a beach.

In other developments last week…we decided on a family xmas vacation destination for this year….ST. MAARTEN! House and flights booked, y’all. The house is smack bang on the beach. Like…back door —> sand —-> water —-> mermaids. It’s like a dream. Will be happy for tips on surfing, scuba, sailing, restaurants, bars, hikes…anything and everything! A quick internet search revealed that we can sail for the day to Anguilla and back. Um…done. And there’s a hot surf spot just down the road from our house. I can’t wait to embrace that addictive island life I love so much…

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