How patience kicked my ass and took my name, part deux

Instead of enjoying the journey, I’ve been too focused on the destination. But hellooo Erin, the journey IS the destination!

I’m trying to remember those alleged patient moments from earlier so I can bring that with me now.  It was effortless. I wasn’t repeating any mantras or focused on my breathing. I wasn’t reminding myself that those who are patient will see the kingdom of God (or whatever Christians say). I was simply going with the flow of the situation and releasing any attachments to outcomes that I had. That’s it.

Is it really that simple?

I want my life to be like a river. Not a raging one with Class 5 rapids, but a gentle stream that snakes through a meadow that doesn’t have snakes. Go with the flow. Glide seamlessly around the obstacles instead of stopping in front of them. Be flexible with where life takes me. When I’m in that mindset, my life is effortless and happy.

Okay. Then I suppose for me, patience is letting go of my perceived timeline of when I think everything should happen. Always doing my best (4 Agreements) and giving the results up to God. Trusting that there is perfect timing for everything, and that I am always right where I am supposed to be. Not being attached to outcomes. And sometimes, just remembering to fecking breathe.

Cause god damn. 2012 was rough. My soul has experienced more growth than what I think I agreed to (shaking fist at the sky). Absolutely nothing happened the way I had planned it out. The nerve of life. What emerged from the shit storm I call 2012? Basically me stepping into my truth, finding out how strong I actually am, discovering how much courage there is inside of me, becoming vulnerable, not being afraid to pursue happiness, dissolving limiting beliefs, eliminating fears and finding hidden pockets of low self-worth that I had to shine a bright light on and love. Sure, all great things. But talk about refinement through fire. Now that I’ve walked through the storm and can feel the sun, I’m going to pause here for a just a tiny bit and let it warm my skin.

And maybe invite patience over for a stiff drink, see if she’ll ease up on a sista.

Here’s to a very bright and effortless 2013!

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2 Responses to How patience kicked my ass and took my name, part deux

  1. Matt Chase International says:

    I second everything you have said! And third it! And fourth it!

    haha here’s to 2013 Erin and sending you so much love… you could go POP!

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