I’m walking through some pretty heavy stuff right now. Having good days and bad days. And I’m struggling with frustration, wanting to already be through and on the other side, instead of giving my Soul time to adjust and learn during this time. And then I read this:

Do not judge yourselves for not being where your soul knows you are going. It is important to move step by step. It is important to integrate every piece of your journey. What satisfaction would you have in going from having an empty jigsaw puzzle to a full jigsaw puzzle? Who does that? Those who do that do not get a great deal of satisfaction. The joy of a jigsaw is the piecing together so that you create the whole picture. And there is satisfaction when the whole picture is complete, yes, but the piecing…..that is the discovery. That is where the energy lies and it is the same for your lives.
~ Zachary through Lee Harris, from Personal Power
Helps keep perspective, and reminds me to be patient and gentle with myself. Always.
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