Dirty Thirty….ONE

I turn 31 on Saturday. I can’t believe I’m already one year deep into my 30’s. 30 has been pretty effing fantastic for me. I’m calmer, wiser, and funnier…and I traveled a ridiculous amount.

Here’s one thing I haven’t accomplished by 30: I still can’t take a sip of whiskey without cringing. And there is a part of me that will never feel like a true Southern woman until I can truly enjoy drinking whiskey or bourbon – this is my Everest.

Anywho, this year’s festivities will take place at the beach (must have water) and will be a dual celebration with a fellow Cancerian. I wanted to call it “A Mexican and A White Girl”, but when the invites were sent out, they didn’t reflect my suggestion. What cabrones.

In honor of my new decade, I want to recount the day upon whence (is that a word?) I entered this journey, since I never documented it on my blog. I had been living in Spain last year (yawn, I know you guys are so over me talking about Madrid) and arrived back home just in time for my anniversaire, (I speak French, too) and my bestie Mica had planned a surprise weekend getaway in Austin with all my homies. She’s the best.

Friday consisted of lunch and dinner with surprise guests, then a night of Noble Dog at One 2 One Bar:

Saturday = River Day

we’ve got our roadies – we’re ready

While we’re waiting for everyone in the Wal-Mart parking lot (“you can’t miss us – we’re the huge group with the white van and a bunch of unicorns”), I get my final surprise – CHARLIE

Prepare for a photo onslaught~

the unicorn provider

This is what we do while we wait on the group to get there…

gotta slap the bag when you’re done

Don’s Fish Camp:

“she can’t have gone too far – she has a unicorn strapped to her back”

Family photo…

…of epic awesomeness

everybody move to the back of the bus

then we got held up on the way out cause someone coming in broke their axle on the cattle guard.

por fin, el rio

river dog!

he walks on water, too

Shotgun Island


things like this happen a lot towards the end

While writing this, I was listening to that Owl City song with Carly Rae (don’t judge) and it was actually quite fitting. If you would like the true experience, listen to the song below and read this post again – it’s pretty much our theme song to life

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2 Responses to Dirty Thirty….ONE

  1. jmsabbagh says:

    That is absolutely beautiful.Wishing you happiness.regards. Jalal Michael

  2. Emily says:

    I guess you must be at least 32 to enjoy whiskey or bourbon… Next year cuz, next year.

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