Confusion = A Good Thing

(the below is a section pulled from Danielle La Porte’s blog – she is my hero)

You must have chaos in your heart to give birth to stars.

– Nietzsche


1. Accept that uncertainty is part of making great stuff. Whatever you do, do not run from confusion. This is a graven as: Never make direct eye contact with a Gorilla in the wild. Roll up your pant leg when riding a bicycle. And everything you’ve been responsibly taught about condoms. Repeat: Whatever you do, do not run from confusion.

2. Repetitively, like a Greek Orthodox Catholic widow rubbing rosary beads, ask yourself these two questions (it will be both comforting and trying):

Does this feel restricting?

Does this feel liberating?

Ideas, insights, feelings. Restricting? Or liberating?

Which, why, when, how. Restricting? Or liberating?

And that’s how you get through the Jungle of Confoozed. You weed whack restriction and you sniff for the scent of freedom. No one can say how long you’ll be there. But eventually, you will come to a clearing and it will appear so suddenly, you might gasp when you turn the corner and it looks so… obvious! It’s not that clarity was hiding on you. You just needed to squeeze the fruit (very messy) to get to the seed (which is always there — often in the shape of a star.)

via Danielle LaPorte: white hot truth + sermons on life.

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2 Responses to Confusion = A Good Thing

  1. marissaferris says:

    I hate it when you make me grow emotionally.

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