River trips


‘ello guv’nah!
Just felt like saying that.
Here’s to the first float trip of the season!…That actually happened the first weekend in June, but I’m lazy, so a month late.
Charlie (Charles when he’s in trouble), coolers filled to the brim with Tecate, and a party bus to haul us back and forth so no one has to worry about drinking and driving.

party rockin’

We went to a new place this year…a SECRET place. So secret and awesome, that I’m not even going to tell you the name because we don’t want anyone finding out about it and ruining it. You’ll never know. Never. <insert sinister laugh>
You other kids stick with Don’s Fish Camp and Lazy L&L. There’s enough room on Shotgun Island for everyone.

this picture makes me so happy

We started out that evening at Ski Shores – shut the front door! Why did I JUST now find out about this amazing jewel of a locale? Yes, it’s far. But if you can sucker someone else into driving while you sit in the back seat drinking beer and enjoying the scenery (this may or may not have been what happened) then GO. It’s gorgeous. We went to see a friend’s band play. This friend, actually. We like him. A lot.
Stage backs up to the water. Moonlight was sparkling on the lake. A breeze was blowing as we danced on the wooden deck. I ate quesadillas. They were good.
Ah Austin. I get more smitten every time. You never lose your charm.
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