Park days and book festivals

In case you couldn’t tell, Retiro Park is probably my favorite spot in Madrid. On this particular Sunday, Lana and I met up for a little gab fest and to relax. We happened to be seated next to a drama group that was out practicing for their next gig and got to watch them do various exercises. Because why wouldn’t you practice in the park for your acting class?

I love how everyone just pours into this park daily to do simple things like read the paper or have a picnic. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s a modest 85 degrees in June. I can’t think of a better place to chill out.

Then I heard the sweet sounds of a saxophone and guitar, and made Lana move with me closer to this group that was having a little jam session. Very unassumingly, I took out my video camera and recorded them. They never knew because I am the queen of subtlety. What? Oh I’m just lying here, reading a book. That’s all…

Next door to Retiro: a book festival! Books + parks = my heaven. I want to cuddle them.

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