Friends in Madrid – day 3

Retiro again! But this time, there is sun.

The following conversation took place between Lana and a seemingly “unknown” bystander:

Man: Oh, hello there. How are you?
Lana: (a bit bewildered) good…
Man: how have things been?
Lana: I’m sorry, do I know you?
Man: (taken aback) we met at several parties, I’m friends with “so and so”
Lana: (still confused) oh, I was probably drunk* every time so I don’t remember! I’m sorry!
(*editor’s note: this statement is probably 99% accurate)
Man: well, no point in carrying on our conversation then
[man exits]

I felt like an asshole for laughing but damn it was funny.

We then go rent paddle boats in the park.



I’m on a boat!

Paddling around the equivalent of a large swimming pool was pleasant enough, but you only get 45 minutes of scintillating enjoyment before you have to head back in. BECAUSE IF YOU DON’T, the Fun Nazi puttering around in his motorized chariot is checking tickets and making sure people don’t overstay their welcome. You’ve been warned…

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2 Responses to Friends in Madrid – day 3

  1. That paddle boat looks really cool- not many places you can row right up to a such a giant sculpture.

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