Friends in Madrid – day two

Naturally, there were hangovers. I don’t handle hangovers with much grace. And by much I mean none.  I can’t manage to meet up with Cheslea and her friends until the late afternoon. We make our way over to the Mercado San Miguel, but nothing tempts me in my fragile state.

don't let this winning smile fool you. i'm miserable

I bid them adieu as they head over to the palace, and I go to Lana’s for naptime.

We wake up in the early evening and get ready to go find a bar to watch the European Championship. Barcelona vs. Manchester. I’m dying, people. Mixing is never a good option for me, but I always forget that when I’m out. I love variety! Then that love bites me in the ass.

Multiple beers and free shots later, it’s time to meet Chelsea and the boys for dinner. I leave Lana and Dulce in a tipsy state at the bar and make my way over to Sol to meet them at the Oso. I love that Oso.

I had made us rezzies at El Botin – THE OLDEST RESTAURANT IN THE WORLD!!! Seriously, go look. There is nothing cooler than eating at a really old place. Especially if there are ghosts. (I do not know if this place is actually haunted.)

As we walk there, I’m again reminded of why I love Madrid so much. Let me wax nostalgic a bit, eh? Delightful plazas charged with energy and laughter, twinkle lights casting delicate glows on diners as they order one bottle of red after the other. Friends and family sharing meals and their TIME together. No one on a schedule. Everywhere I look, there is love. And smiles. In a country with such a seemingly depressed economy that by default no one should be having fun. I love how Spaniards defy that sentiment. Life goes on, it always does. And no one enjoys life more than the Spaniards. I love that I get to spend so much time in this city. It’s never enough. <hugging Madrid>

baby squid in their INK

Live music at the restaurant.

Dinner ends four hours later, and we head back over to the previous bar where I was with Lana and Dulce. Who are still there. We close them out around 2AM and I hugged our waiter goodbye. Yes – hug. He probably thought I was nutso. But I come from a hugging culture! And he was adorable.

Now time for da club…

the only club picture i could find. lana trying to eat my face.

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2 Responses to Friends in Madrid – day two

  1. What a fun time! I have ALWAYS wanted to visit Spain. And the OLDEST restaurant ever??? Too cool!

    Looking forward to meeting you on Sunday!

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