Rios Rosas is the Best Barrio in Madrid – FACT

It’s funny what life will give you when you finally decide to stop feeling sorry for yourself and actually do something to activate happiness in your life. Like, an actual activation. Making moves. Being demanding about it. Not accepting no for an answer and eliminating those things that aren’t making you happy.

I was miserable with the Catholic Crew. They live in Mirasierra, which is a suburb so far north in Madrid you could see the aurora borealis.


But! Not even a GD bar for crying out loud. Not what I pictured when I had fantasized about my vibrant and raucous Spanish life. There were 9 people in that house, including me. A four month old. Who. Never. Stopped. Crying. So I slept an average of 4 hours a night, for 6 weeks. This is not an exaggeration. I literally thought I was going to have a breakdown or punch a baby. Several other factors were adding to my agony and finally one day I just snapped. An actual snapping took place. I had had enough, and it was time to do something about it.
For me, my first step towards Operation Happy Face was moving to Rios Rosas. Here are some of the pros:

  • in the city
  • double bed with fluffy white duvet that made me think I was sleeping on a cloud

cloud bed

  • window (omg!)
  • a book shelf filled to the brim with books (heaven)
  • a terrace that overlooked the charming tree-lined streets

  • tree-lined streets (!)

trees not pictured

  •   an antique heater
  • white, billowy curtains

  • fruit and veggie shops on my street
  • bars, cafes, bars, restaurants, bars, shops, bars
  • 2 minutes walking from the metro
  • 20 minutes walking to Lana’s (hi Lana!)
  • 50 minutes walking to Puerta del Sol (which I did. A lot. Because I could without getting shanked, raped, or shot. New and exciting experiences all around.)
  • bathtub (I never took a bath, but just knowing it was there was nice)
  • really cool housemates
  • really cool housemates who took a 2.5 week long vacay and therefore left the entire place to me
  • wine shop across the street

Madrid is lovely in early summer and I was elated to have an outdoor space for all my wine drinking. ELATED.

So long, Depressionville. No longer making stops in your town.

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