Paris day 2

Friday was pretty chilled out. I slept in due to the fact that I never get to sleep with 6 children in a tiny Spanish household. Barry and the fam went out and about and I met up with them by lunchtime, to eat outside at some church plaza (churches are everywhere, aren’t they?)


then we went to wander around the Eiffel Tower. Ah that illustrious Eiffel Tower.

I also devoured a Nutella and banana crepe in record timing. My first of many. Nom.

Not ones to forsake sanctity, we followed the Seine to worship at Notre Dame and confess our sins. Joking! We don’t have any sins. And the only thing I worship is bars. And unicorns.

Me: “Why is it so scary?”
Barry: “Because it’s religion.”

One of my favorite things about life is the random bits.

it's the road of the day!

Luckily, the Universe knows this and gives me people who fill this need more than I could expect. Barry would be one of those people. Here is a sampling of some things he said to me over the course of the weekend:

“I will wrap you in a pretzel and feed you to lions.”

“I hate how you have to know someone a little better before you can ask how they lost their arm.” (said about the one-armed man on the Metro)

this is his Louvre pose

one of many kirs

It was a glorious Friday, and we had the fortune of being able to meet up with a former classmate from A&M who is from Paris and studied with us in Texas. We met her and her colleagues for happy hour and then had a wonderful French dinner where I had real green vegetables and not a single fried item in sight. Never underestimate the power of a healthy meal.

i made them pose this way

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  1. dccampbell79 says:

    That’s Laurence??

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