You Sound Like You’re From London!

I have some very dear friends in London so decided to stop there first on my way to Spain.

I arrive late Saturday night so after Cyrus picks me up from the airport –


We get some curry take out and call it a night, planning on the food festival at Knebworth House in the morning.

Due to jetlag and not sleeping the night before, morning turned into afternoon. Nevertheless, I had my AUX cable and iPod (always prepared) and set about a perfect Sunday driving playlist before our mass food consumption.

this inaptly named oil is what we call canola back in the US

Monday rolls around and I have plans to meet Lisa for lunch and Chris from The Aussie Nomad for happy hour drinks. But lo! I wake up to discover I have left my makeup in Cyrus’s car, and I won’t see him at all that day or night. Bollocks. I’ll just buy a few things at Boots I figure. 18 pounds later, yes, 18 pounds, I have concealer, mascara, and eyeliner. That’s right folks. 3 cheap items for $26 USD. FML. OMG. WTF? TTYL.

This makeup better eliminate wrinkles and burn cellulite at those prices.

I make some tea to make myself feel better. But look at the milk! It’s made for babies. I couldn’t get over it and had to take tons of pictuers.

fun with milk #1

fun with milk #2

fun with milk #3

Tuesday is afternoon-turned-evening drinks with the famous Moe Kafer, quite possibly one of my top 10 favorite people. We spend all day outside in the sun on the Thames. Cyrus and Lisa join us later before ushering me back to their place to get my suitcase and drop me off at the airport. London Luton. I spent the night there. I don’t recommend it. Who knows how to sleep well in an airport??? Please, share your secrets cause I am a lost cause.

Miss Moe

where there's wine, there's me

next stop: North Pole

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