New York

Since New York is a regular stop for me, there was no need to waste time with sightseeing. A gastro tour of the city is what was in order. And since eating and drinking is one of my best hobbies, I was happy to indulge.

First things first: dinner at my fave tapas restaurant in the West Village – Las Ramblas

mah boys


Next, I grabbed some light reading for my train journey into the city and met Cheyne at a precious Belgian bistro – Petite Abeille

croque monsieur

Finally, the showcase event: drinks all day with my favorite Russian. It’s a marathon folks, not a sprint.

Brunch at Mercer Kitchen in SoHo, followed by Delicatessen and a slew of other bars before finishing at the Peninsula Hotel.

goat cheese omelet

Victor, our bartender at Delicatessen. “If fruit threw a party, it would be a great one,” talking about the liquor infused fruit in the sangria. Agree Victor. Agree.

stunning, she is

Friday bright and early at 3:30AM the boys load me up and take me to the Newark airport. So sweet of them. And remind me to stop taking these ridiculous early flights. Who cares if I save $100 – the effort just isn’t worth it.

What is your favorite place to eat in NYC?

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