Vieques – day 4

Due to clouds, this day was pretty low key. How the island likes it, I suppose.

We went to check out secret beach, which was definitely a treacherous path in the wee Yaris, then you had to climb down a rocky slope to get to the rocky beach.

After the solitude of Secret Beach we headed to Blue Beach.

For me, there is nothing as transcendent as the feeling I get with that first glimpse of the ocean, its vastness unfolding before me and spilling into the horizon, the initial sweet inhale of fresh air riddled with salt, and the thundering hiss of the waves crashing in and pulling out. There in that moment is where I find that zenith of peace. Call it the crab in me – my July birthday confirming my Cancer characteristics – but whatever it is, there I am most home.

We watched a movie that night instead of going out. Scoff you may, sneer you might, but we were tired! We thought we scored big with Envy, since it had Ben Stiller and Jack Black. But we didn’t score.

Back to drinking at night.



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