Vieques – day 3

the requisite sand shot. original, I know

The first day of 2011, Raul and I peeled our selves off the bed sheets in the early morning hours (10am) and headed off to Red Beach. O. M. G. This beach is what dreams are made of: balmy breezes, lush palm trees billowing in those balmy breezes, crystal clear water that sparkles aquamarine in the dazzling sun, pillowy white sand sloping gently down to those beckoning waves – this is why we came to Vieques. This beach right here.

After a couple of hours, we scoop up the kids for lunch at Duffy’s, then trek (literal trek) to beach Media Luna – which is a crescent shaped beach that doesn’t get any deeper than your waist. Gorgeous. And a bit precarious to get to in the Yaris. Damn you Coqui Car Rental and your lofty promises of Jeeps!

our lunch time view

He had hiccups the entire time.

Jersey Shore!

We come home and shower and drink wine. They get ready while I sit down and write about our days so far. We drink more wine. And jam to Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch while we leave all the doors and windows open and the funky island breezes sashay in and dance around us. We don’t want to ever leave. Austin is convinced he is moving here and talks to every expat he encounters, trying to find 5 reasons not to. Did I mention it’s lovely?

We vote to have dinner at Next Course. I was a bit dubious considering it is at the interior of the island and therefore more than a stone’s throw from my beloved ocean. But I’m not one to nay say so we’re off. And it’s amazing. All bamboo and greenery and you feel like you’re dining in a tree house. And Tina and I ordered the lobster with crab risotto. Enough said.

I mean, just LOOK at that.

Have I mentioned that I am like, crack-addicted to passion fruit? I can’t get enough of it, and I drink my passion fruit cocktails like they are water and I’m dying of thirst. It’s quite alarming, since I’m not really a huge fan of liquor. Beer – yes. Wine – totes. But liquor?? Today I tried an island special – Parcharita. Like a margarita, but made with passion fruit instead of lime. Shut the front door. I’m becoming a well-rounded drinker, y’all.

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