Blue Nile Review

A lunch date with my boo led us to delightful African fare – Blue Nile Ethiopian.

The restaurant was virtually empty save for a few occupied tables. Which is odd since the food is so unique and so good. Me being a green freak started off with a salad.

Twas was your standard romaine + tomato + red onion + Ethiopian “dressing” that tasted an awful lot like Italian. Suspicions aroused.

We moved on to the “tibs”. Not sure what that is, but when the waitress asked if I wanted “dry” or “juicy”, I said juicy. Dry? Really? Like jerky?

Our tibs and ribs (ha!) came with sauteed collard greens and a delightfully yellow cabbage, potato, corn mixture. And of course the injera – the staple Ethiopian bread that you eat with. I love not using my hands! It’s so much better to eat like a barbarian.

Injera is really unique: spongy, a bit cold and slimy, kind of sour…but delicious!

artistic shot

****    <—– my new rating system

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