Menil Art Festival

I just have a few words about this amazing festival

perfect day – free entrance – free music – free shows – free beer

No, you did not read that incorrectly. And I’m not talking Bud Light either. I wouldn’t drink Bud Light if they PAID me. It was St. Arnold. Mmhmm. That’s right. Free good beer. It just scares me that I almost missed out on this masterpiece cause of the stupid St. Patty’s parade downtown that caused anger-inducing traffic jams. Not anger-inducing in me of course…I’m driving better these days, member?

The contrasting colors of the church against the sky were almost too much to bear. I had to pause for a moment and let the beauty of the moment sink in. I love the stark white church with a slit for a door, proudly displayed against the topaz sky. Did I mention today was perfect?

the boys

my fearsome guard dog

sitting on the grass listening to a string quartet. ahhhhh

Please go next year if you missed out today!

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