and just like that…he’s gone

What is that horrendous feeling? Ah. Sure enough, it’s me becoming yet one more victim to the degenerating economy. Cast aside in manner of stale girlfriend.

But what about all of our good times together? What about everything I’ve done, everything I have to offer? These questions fade into oblivion as they are neither heard nor answered. I pull inside my shell, willing out the sun. I want no part of happiness, laughter, rainbows, or puppies. They are all mindless, horrible entities that know nothing of sorrow or the abysmal darkness that has swallowed my light.

The break is clean and quick. Almost as if I never really existed for them. A most strange sensation. So, in accordance with tradition, I don my mourning attire and wait. I tap my foot. I glance at my watch. Demand these feelings that surround me: failure, incompetence, no self-esteem; I demand them to leave!

And finally, they do. The sun comes out, and I don’t snarl at its glow. A friend cracks a joke, at my expense, and I laugh. Genuinely. I go for a run and marvel at the beautiful day.

I’m back. ☺

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