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US Airways – My Nemesis

*please forgive the lack of pictures in my next couple of posts, but I must tell an important story to which there is no photographic evidence to be had! ————————————————————————————————————————————————— I never ever thought I’d say I’d be happy to … Continue reading

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Food, Inc.

Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhh!!! That is me typing my frustration at the meat industry in this country, along with shaking my fist. Take that, FDA! I watched Food, Inc a few weeks ago, and while my passion isn’t as fresh, it has grown … Continue reading

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New Moon Review

I have saved this on my favorites, because things rarely make me laugh all day long. Please only read if are hilarious. This is almost to precious to share with the unappreciative…. Enjoy!

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To Whine or Dine

I am embarking upon week 3 sans alcohol. I was curious to see how this little experiment would pan out, considering the fact that my dear boyfriend continued to drink in light of my town cry. Ahem. Here’s the thing, … Continue reading

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In light of the healthcare waves of panic spreading across the country at the moment, I thought I’d settle myself down and watch a little informative documentary called Sicko. Remote control in one hand, my $85 Rx of Yaz in … Continue reading

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(*Names have been changed to protect identities) It was an especially balmy June night in Texas. We snake through the dark country roads, looking for any remnants of life. We turn left, we turn right, chasing the coattails of anticipation … Continue reading

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