To Whine or Dine

I am embarking upon week 3 sans alcohol. I was curious to see how this little experiment would pan out, considering the fact that my dear boyfriend continued to drink in light of my town cry. Ahem. Here’s the thing, I drink almost every single day. Either a glass of wine with dinner, or a yummy stout at happy hour with friends, I thoroughly enjoy a tasty beverage laced with yeast or grapes.



I didn’t think I could do it, to be honest. I had never embarked on a 3 week journey without my liquid courage. And with bachelorette parties, dinner parties, and celebrations galore, my life is too sprinkled with <insert cheese> causes for celebration. That is ONLY a bad thing when I am abstaining. Or broke.

Take a look at what I was faced with:

Week One:

-Bachelorette party weekend in Dallas which consisted of: free bottles of wine and champagne at dinner, hot tubs, media rooms, fully stocked home bars, a party barge with copious amounts of beer, mimosas in the mornings, dazzling cocktails at wicked venues at night, and Cajun girls who could drink an Irishman under the table.

Week Two:

-Mexican dinner party with old college roomies which consisted of: empanadas and rice, wine, beer, and laughter, which leads to more wine, beer, and laughter.

Week Three:

-Greek Festival: stormy weather, music and dancing, tons of people, yummy food….and Greek wine! And everyone is carrying around at least one bottle per person, and sharing just as much. Do I want some in my already itty bitty plastic goblet? Of course I do. But only enough for a taste please. I’m not drinking tonight.

Not to mention various networking events I go to during the week that are always always always at a wine bar. Sigh. “I’ll have some water. Thanks.” (hanging head in shame)

I have a confession. I did cave a bit, here and there. But overall, I have stuck with my goal. Will I do this again? Probably not. There was no real point besides seeing if I could drop a few pounds by depriving my body of what it craves. Since that didn’t happen, no need to suffer anymore.

The punishment ends this Thursday, when I will fly to sunny California for Bhakti and Monsterville’s wedding of the century. Thursday night is the Mendhi party with dinner and cocktails served, and I shall reward my perseverance with a tall glass of temptation. I’ll let you know how ugly it plays out when I return.

Y’all gonna make me act a fool!

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One Response to To Whine or Dine

  1. Emily (The Cuz) says:

    I am so glad you did this. Now I know the result and dont have to subject myself to such insanity.

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