Point/Counterpoint with Marissa and Erin

gchat today:

Marissa:  Can you have fruit after your surgery?  I’m looking at recipes that I want to make.
Or does it anger the ENDO?

Me:  as long as it comes with a side of meat

Mmm…Meat sticks.

Me:  seriously though. i can’t have fruit without protein

Marissa:  So annoying!

Me:  and i can only have berries
i shall give you a copy of my diet so you will always know

Marissa:  Yes please! Then I can plan accordingly.

me:  calm down. i just said i would.

Marissa:  Ah, tonight Erin shall have the…sparkling water.

me:  and a bowl of salted ice cubes

Marissa:  SALT

me:  can you imagine if they took salt away? i would put on a wedding dress and jump off a bridge

Marissa:  No you wouldn’t.
I would push you.
Because assisted suicide is on the list of what friends do.

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1 Response to Point/Counterpoint with Marissa and Erin

  1. sherrillynn says:

    lol. Wish I had a Marissa to blog with me and get ready for surgery with me etc. You guys are great.

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