Our time in Goa is cut short by our next destination: Kerala.

And that flight was quite eventful due to yours truly. You must remember, at this point I was operating on 4-5 days with no sleep. My brain was just gray mush at this moment. So take that into account when you read the following tale:

I get up to go to the bathroom, which is at the front of the plane. For some reason, I can’t find the door. Imagine my confusion at this moment, when I’ve already witnessed others successfully complete this action. I stand at the front of the plane, wondering why this is such a difficult task. Eventually I admit defeat and turn around, only to find the curious gaze of a Sikh sitting in the front row, watching me. He kindly points to his left (my right) and I turn to find the emergency exit door. That can’t be right. I scratch my head and look back at him. Other people are watching now. He again points to the left, and I hear several onlookers shout out “To your left!” Which is still my right. I turn again, but there is no door. Are they messing with me? What is going on? Why can’t I find this door? By now, most of the plane is watching with amusement to see what I’ll do. More people keep telling me to go to my left. I can only go so far before I’m just turning in circles. So I keep turning, spot a door, and reach for it. I grasp the handle and start to turn it when everyone starts yelling at me. I stop.

It was the cockpit. I tried to open the cockpit door.

Anywho, let’s move past this.

San’s uncle meets us at the airport with transport, and this is what we find when we arrive –


The party bus!

ambient lighting - perfect for night time cruising

ambient lighting – perfect for night time cruising

San’s auntie cooks every delicious meal for us, and hovers over the table while we eat, ready to ladle our plates with more food if they get too empty. I thought I would find it unnerving, but its comforting and warm, like curling up by a fire.

Every morning she also makes us chai and I drink about 3-4 cups. I want to bathe in it. Chai must be what they serve in heaven. Also, I learned that “chai” means “tea” in Hindi, so now I no longer ask for a “tea tea” (chai tea).

Our 2nd day in Kerala, Uncle takes us to the Pamba River for a houseboat cruise on the backwaters.

making our way to the boat

making our way to the boat

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4 Responses to Kerala

  1. Larry Cockrell says:

    so did you ever find the bathroom?

  2. hippieinheelsblog says:

    great pics, really makes me want to head south, still haven’t been to Kerala! what’s wrong with that picture!?

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