Some notes on India

So I know it seems like I’m a Pessimistic Patty, but there was a part to my trip that was really just awful, and I made a promise to myself to always be authentic on my blog. Sometimes life isn’t perfect, and it doesn’t work out the way we hope. I’m not going to pretend otherwise.

But, it wasn’t all cinderblocks and feces. I just found some rather sweet notes in my journal as a matter of fact that I thought I’d share with you guys:

The Kumbh Mela wasn’t at all what I expected, but, that’s life. You never know how things are going to turn out.

….we have had multiple, deep, true belly laughs daily. And that kind of stuff, my friends, is like diamonds to me. Shine bright like a diamond. (quote from the trip)

Blissed out
Mango laisses
4 days
Bed breaker
Masala tea

Exhaustion and fucked up sleep cycles. Constant dreaming of Goa – land of beer. Beaches. Showers. Warm weather.

What I love:

-the children! Never seen happier faces, more open and loving and receptive hearts. They have fully lassoed my affections. I can’t explain their energy – pure, open, loving, bliss, happy, excitement. It’s infectious.

-the colors. Even in the midst of abject poverty, the Indians don’t compromise on beauty. I don’t think Americans demand enough beauty in their world. But the Indians have perfected all things beautiful. Ornate and gilded nose studs. Streaks of red painted in center parts. Heavy kohl liner to accent their dark and seductive eyes. Saris in turquoise, fiery orange, crimson, gold, amethyst, magenta and indigo blue. Bangles in street stalls that glisten in the sun. Heaping mounds of mustard and brick colored spices, ready for scooping. Nothing is bland. Nothing! The emphasis on beauty stands out in such vivid detail. How do I bring that back home?

-open, curious faces that blatantly stare with no reservations or shame. Innocent curiosity. How lovely are their souls and general disposition! They smile easily and readily. It warms my heart.

See? She wasn’t all bad. And even though the Cinderblock was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had, I still wouldn’t trade it for the world. Because of who I was with 🙂


Up next: Goa

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