New York City – The Highline, Leaf Peeping and Bear Mountain

In the “city” for the next 8ish days, visiting the bestie and some other Yankee folks. After I flew in yesterday, Cheyne and I went to The Highline Market in Chelsea for some snackies that included a Belgian waffle with speculoos. GET IN MY MOUTH. Then we walked The Highline for a bit so I could gaze deeply into the eyes of one of my favorite cities. And by eyes I mean open apartment windows.

Sunday Cheyne and I took the day to do brunch at Blooming Hill Farm – delish but pricey, (my soup and coffee was $14. yes, $14) and the bee sitch was out of control. I do not exaggerate when it comes to stinging insects. Those fools were all up in our business and it really ruined what could have been a lovely experience. Instead, we ate in a perpetual state of tension, waiting for an impending bee sting. Never happened, but still…

we see this AFTER we dine

“see guy”

our brunch with the bees

After that harrowing experience, we head on over for a little Storm King action and see AMAZING fall foliage. New York is so beautiful:

the drive there

my driver

Bear Mountain State Park for Oktoberfest:



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