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You know those days, where everything just seems to fall together, the sun smiles down on you, people go out of their way to make your life easier, every beer is ice cold, and you swell with happiness? That was Saturday on Lake Austin.

like a boss

The boat driver announces that he is taking us to a lakeside barbeque. If you must. As we pull in, I spy the 2 story dock and a plan starts forming. I declare that we must jump off of it. We simply must. LeeAnn concurs, as is her habit with 99% of my suggestions.

We scamper to the top and over the barrier, facing the water and holding on to the rail behind us.

Me, in a cocky manner: “I’m just trying to gauge how deep it is so I can do a killer back flip”
LeeAnn, looking at me: “While you’re gauging…” and jumps off first.


Later I felt I had talked enough talk and it was time to execute my party trick. I climb over the rail and turn around, preparing myself. Then a sudden fear takes over. I have images of splitting my head open on the wood. Maybe I’ve had too much to drink. My legs are shaky. This is a bad sign. I change my mind. I turn back around to jump in face first when I see the crowd that had gathered in the water below to witness my stunt.


I confidently tell them that back flips just really aren’t that big of a deal, when Hemati calls me out and says to shut the hell up and do it.

Double fuck.

I cry, I plead, I beg…but they won’t let me back down. I sigh and turn around. And glide effortlessly through the air in a beautiful backflip that earned me a 4 on form, but an 11 for having the balls to do it.

Sunday Funday

that blanket is a huge eye sore, but you get the gist.

 Luke (check out his music here!) and I head to Barton Springs for a little Sunday sun.

And of course a creekside jam sesh formed that involved several guitars, ukeleles and a bongo drum. And a very elaborate tribal dancer. Her movements were so liquid it was like she was swimming on land. Mesmerizing.

Just picture these guys in their swimsuits, dripping wet, dangling their feet in the water while playing tunes and singing harmonies that gave me goosebumps.

Don’t be jealous of my free concert – you too can have one next Tuesday!  Dave Madden Live At Barton Springs

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